My name is Rick Podrasky, and I am an architect working in South Bend and living in Granger, having moved back to the area from Washington DC since graduating from Notre Dame in 1991. I’ve loved sketching and doing graphic design for decades and am finally returning to oil painting after a much long hiatus.

The inspiration for this year’s poster was drawing a bit from silk-screened pop art and offset lithography, while referencing the elements of food, music, art and dance that make up Art Beat. I was also inspired by cartoonist Gary Larson, whose genius was in telling a story with something that happened off camera, leaving the reader to imagine what preceded or followed his single pane cartoon.


Details for the 2020 Poster Design Contest appear below. Check back next spring for the 2022 contest details!

Art Beat is a one day celebration of the performing, visual, and culinary arts, located right in the heart of downtown South Bend. Each year, a new commemorative poster is designed for this event, and that design is featured on all of the event’s marketing materials – posters, flyers, t-shirts, programs, billboards, etc.

This year, a design contest is being held for the commemorative poster. The winner will receive $200 and more importantly, their name will appear on all of the marketing materials mentioned above. This is a great way to gain recognition and attention. Plus – how exciting would it be to see your artwork up on a billboard or on t-shirts?


  • The contest is open to artists of any age – students through adult – and any skill level. This includes Art Beat artists, and Art Beat Committee members – as the Art Beat Committee is comprised of many Art Beat artists, and their volunteer work for this event does not prohibit them from taking part in all opportunities available to other local artists.

  • Entries must contain original artwork.

  • The artwork needs to be created in a vertical design, in the following size: 18″ x 24″.

  • Entries should not contain any words, dates, etc. (including the words “Art Beat”). This content is added by our designer later.

  • Entries can be submitted electronically (preferred) or original artwork can be dropped off to the DTSB offices (217 S. Michigan St., in the same building as The Pigeon & The Hen Pottery). Original artwork can be picked up once the judging is completed.

  • Entries which do not meet this criteria will be sent back with an invitation to resubmit work which does fit the criteria and can be delivered by the deadline.


Fill out the form below, and attach up to 3 designs for consideration. The deadline for submissions is Friday, May 15.


We are seeking a design capturing the spirit of this annual event, and celebrates the various forms of the arts.

Past commemorative posters are included below for reference. Many have featured a representation of visual, culinary, and performance arts in their design. You are welcome to do that, but it is not a requirement. When referencing past posters below, please keep in mind Art Beat details such as website and date should NOT be a part of the design. These were added later by a graphic designer.


The deadline for submissions is Friday, May 15. The winner will be selected by a committee comprised of all Art Beat committee members, DTSB staff and volunteers and announced on or before June 1. All entries will be judged using the same criteria: creativity, composition, theme, technique, and adherence to the rules. Please keep all entry guidelines in mind when creating your artwork.


Any questions, concerns, or suggestions to cover in blogs, please email and/or come to the Art Beat booth at any of the Arts on the Race events to talk directly to committee members about Art Beat.


Those making submissions agree that Art Beat/Downtown South Bend retains all copyrights of the materials submitted. By submitting to the contest, the designer agrees to grant Art Beat/Downtown South Bend the right to publish, reproduce, diffuse, and communicate to the public in any form and platform, including digital, all or part of the design.


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