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DTSB will be concentrating grant funds on the Exterior Enhancement Grant for 2021 and will not be accepting applications for the Interior Improvement Grant nor the Retail Assistance Mini Grant this year. Check back in 2022!

2020 Retail Assistance Mini Grant Info Appears Below

The Retail Assistance Mini Grant program focuses on helping small businesses in downtown South Bend improve the appearance of its property and enhance visitor experience in the downtown.

The grant is a rebate program under which owners will be reimbursed 50% of the total amount spent on the qualifying portion of the project (minimum grant of $100 and a maximum of $1000). The cost for all the work must be paid for in full by the applicant before any grant funds are paid by DTSB.


The applicant shall provide proof all costs have been paid.

A downtown business is eligible for one grant per year. Applicants cannot apply for the DTSB Exterior Enhancement Grant and the DTSB Business Assistance Mini Grant at the same time. Exterior Enhancement Grant recipients have to wait a minimum of one year to apply for the Mini Grant.


Interior Design Enhancements: Interior Paint, Carpet, Shelving, Lighting, Window Displays & Window Treatments.

Exterior Improvements: Café Tables & Chairs, Unique Sidewalk Signs, Artistic Business Signage, Planters.


Financing existing debt, projects begun prior to grant approval, merchandise, or professional design fees.


For questions, please contact the Director of Business Engagement at or 574-968-7287.


Please email applications to the Director of Business Engagement at or drop off the application at 217 S. Michigan St.

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