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Emelia is currently a student at River Montessori High School and enjoys spending her free time engaging with downtown. In the fall of 2020, she graduated from the SPARK program through Saint Mary’s, aspiring to start a business selling her art. The following year she assisted the program with tech support projects such as migrating the curriculum from Black Board to Google Classroom. In the spring of 2022, she served as a teaching assistant for Empresarios, a program that helps women and minority business owners get certified.


In addition to her work as a teaching assistant, Emelia worked for River Bend Math as a Prototyping Team member, where she developed OSHA-compliant safety protocols and training materials, assisted with e-commerce activities, and co-wrote the business plan. 


In May of 2022, she began her internship with DTSB. Since then she has been working on the e-newsletter, revamping the website, and data analysis projects. As of this fall, she is enrolled in Startup Moxie, where she hopes to apply entrepreneurial skills, in addition to her affinity for art, to her work at DTSB.

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