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The River Lights project has been featured in magazines, online articles, and blogs across the nation. Check out the stories written about this project below.

  1. Coda Worx– a website dedicated to the collaboration of design and art. See it here.

  2. Trip Advisor– Highlighting the best places in the city to visit. 4.5 rating and #14 out of 45 best places in South Bend to visit. Check in here.

  3. Fusion– This article highlights when the River Lights were used to unite the community in support for the Parisian community during the November attacks. Read about it here.

  4. Chicago Tribune– River Lights are listed at a top 7 Northern Indiana Getaway location. Check it out here.

  5. Live Design– Live Design is the must-read creative and technical resource for live entertainment professionals in lighting, sound, staging, and projection. Read the River Lights article here.

  6. PLSN– All things projection, lights and staging news. Read here.

  7. Associated Controls + Design– River Lights are highlighted as a top project. See it here.

  8. Visit South Bend Mishawaka– Featured as one of the top things to do in South Bend. Read it here.

  9. JBL Professional– Highlighted as a top project. Check it out here.

  10. Shakespeare Lighting Design– The consultant and designer of this project features this installation. See it here.

  11. ProMediNews– River Lights is getting international coverage. Read German? Then this article is for you.

  12.  Live Design– SB River Lights are highlighted as the world’s first interactive light display over water. Read all about it here.

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