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Writing a book: Algorithm of work

Organizing work on a work is a laborious and mysterious process. And when there is no experience in writing, sometimes you don't know where to start.

Of course, creative people process information differently, but all the necessary actions can be grouped into several groups - important steps that will help to overcome the initial chaos in the mind and feelings.

Step One: Idea. An idea is a signal to action. It has many guises - an interesting hero, a magical world, an unexpected event, a random dialogue between characters, a funny creature, a magical skill, a technical novel, etc. An idea is an epiphany, looking back on which you decide - yes, I want to write a book!

Step two: active interest. The idea should not just be interesting, it should hook and not let go. If a curious character in the form of a brutal werewolf or a quick thief who visits you once a week to wash dishes, it does not mean that he should write a book. But if he hangs around all day long, interfering with work and sleep, "dragging" in their adventures, "telling" their stories - then yes, this is your client.

The thing is, "just curious" fades pretty quickly. The first emotional rush of inspiration will pass - and you'll get bored with dry typing. And then you get bored with the story itself. And you'll abandon the book.

Don't grab the first thing you see, "take out" the story, get to know the character better. About us history homework help what is "just interesting", you can write a short story or sketch, which then weave into the plot of the book. But you have to work on what really catches on, what doesn't let go, and what demands attention.

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