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logger no win Trinity Reaver - no log or remote desktop access. Spybot - no infection found. What should I do? A: It looks like you have some malware on your system. I would try a system restore to a time before this malware appeared. You may want to do this from the last known good configuration, not from the moment you got the issue. will of others or to involve a patient in an abortion merely to enable the doctor to say that he was not morally responsible for the result. *235 If, on the other hand, this decision is based upon the medical and psychological findings, then the performance of the operation upon the patient is not a "wrongful act." The medical decisions are made after the patient has been informed of the risks and she has voluntarily chosen to undergo the operation. There can be no objection to the physician expressing his opinion to her as to the probable results of the operation or as to the advisability of the operation. If the patient does not agree, she is free to decline it. But if she does not know what a hysterectomy is, she is not likely to know that one is a serious operation or that its results are serious. While she is informed that it is an operation, she is never told of its meaning and purpose. There is no evidence that she knows what the operation is being performed for and the likelihood is that she has no idea. Certainly the average person does not know that it means the removal of a womb and cervix. We do not here hold that it would be a violation of any medical ethics for the doctor to perform an operation for the removal of a uterus, cervix or tubes and ovaries in the absence of any expressed consent on the part of the patient. The liability of the doctor under the circumstances of this case must be judged by the applicable law. The applicable law is set forth in the foregoing authorities. The duty of a doctor to his patient is not absolute but is qualified by the nature of the injury, the capacity of the patient to observe and understand, and the necessity for informed consent. We do not intend to hold that a doctor can never be liable for the results of an operation. We hold that under the facts of this case the doctor has not violated his duty to his patient. The judgment of the Court of Appeal, First Circuit, is affirmed. Affirmed. TATE, J., dissents.



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