Beautiful Chaos

April 4, 2012 — Beautiful Chaos is an ambitious, passionate collaboration of young, successful, local artists of every genre in pop culture. Designers, painters, stylists, musicians, car enthusiasts, performers, dancers, photographers, and entrepreneurs; all anxious to share what has always been a part of them. They feel strongly that personal creativity is not limited to the size of origin but can extend to any length based on ambition. The arts are often overlooked or dismissed; however, Michiana does have a thriving, hungry community of young talent and inspiration. In this ever changing economy and world of fickle trends, the drive of the current generation knows no boundaries and can flourish anywhere. Beautiful Chaos hopes to embody the spirit of local support, highlight fresh talent and encourage others like ourselves to embrace creativity at home.

On April 21st, Agave 53 will be hosting a celebration of local talent and inspiration. This all day, all night festival will be family friendly during the day and over 21 after 9. This event will easily be found in central downtown, supported by DTSB and landmarked by an 8 foot metal sculpture of the iconic grenade. Major sponsors will be listed on the grenade, as well as on the paparazzi flanked red carpet. Included will be live dance performances, gallery inspired art showings, music, a car show, BMX stunts, style demos, and a spring fashion launch. Agave53 was chosen for several reasons; not only does its central downtown location and unique atmosphere embody the overall vibe of ingenuity but the owner Julio De LaCruz has been a long standing, respected, young entrepreneur in South Bend. Other events in the area that week include the Blue Man Group at the Morris, The Hall of Fame/March of Dimes collaboration, River Bend Film Festival, and the Blue/Gold Game to name a few. The timing and location is perfect to showcase the variety Michiana natives and their supportive communities have to offer.

Not only do they plan to showcase local talent, gain exposure for everyone involved, promote Downtown South Bend, but also inspire the next generation to follow their passion and embrace potential in uniqueness. This is a gala they do hope to hold annually and expand every year, but felt independently compelled to begin a new tradition that may build with each local discovery, and encourage every age to embrace the edgier side of art… hence the name Beautiful Chaos. Think: edgy, unique, fresh, revolutionary, unexpected and yes, local. This concept has caught on like wild fire thanks to social media, word of mouth, and instrumental institutions such as DTSB, who have offered their full support and enthusiasm. Currently city permits are in the works hoping to get the street blocked off in front of Agave to extend participation and vendor/sponsor support. Meanwhile, the artists and performers themselves are content and enthusiastic to have a venue and an audience.

Featured Acts include:

Gabriel Moskolis- Penn graduate, is the creator of Lymelite Clothing, personal and contracted mural painter in mixed media, previously worked with Lucky Brand and is very involved in Chicago fashion scene.

DJ Blackfoot and TJ Drumma- Mishawaka and Penn graduates are a unique combination of DJ styling and live percussion. They very frequently perform in the local and Chicago club scene.

Ben Roseland- Penn graduate, is an abstract painter working in mixed media and landscapes, featuring his own gallery in Michiana

Dean Loucks- Gallery owner and artist specializing in custom paint and design and automobiles

Todd Davis- Creator of mask sculptures and costume design, featured at SB Gallery of Art, ranging in Muppets to Star Wars * affiliated with River Bend Film Festival

Brick House Burlesque- a new innovative dance troupe celebrating classic dance techniques and femininity with a dash of edginess. Featured at various local clubs recently

Gabrielle Thompson- SB born Make-Up Artist and art major, travelled nationally for prestige lines, owned own freelance studio locally and currently managing for the top premier artistry line at Macy’s, featured in dozens of local media and publications

Aimless Productions- Niles based pro BMX performers and athletes. Competing in various competitions and instruction for extreme athletes

The Beehive Salon- Locally owned and run for over 10 years, a local downtown favorite, cozy enough for longtime clients but edgy enough to keep SB on top of trends for years to come. Owned and operated by Jill and Paul Kuharic

More specifics and participants to be added, but this definitely embodies the spirit and influence of the creativity, promise and future of Michiana right here in downtown South Bend. Thank you for your support, publicity and enthusiasm. After all, why leave Michiana when our local climate has the potential of being so eclectic, promising and inspired right here at home?

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